Shirley & Wythall

Club Night -  Thursday.                   Time -    7:30 PM

Venue -      Wythall Community Association & Club, Wythall House, 52 Silver Street, Wythall, B47 6LZ.        

Secretary -     Kim Gilbert     Email:

Club Details :-  

Shirley & Wythall chess club is a friendly group of around 28 keen chess players.


Currently, we have four teams in the Birmingham & District Chess League (BDCL), and three teams in the Leamington & District Chess League (LDCL).


We meet every Thursday from 7.30pm at Wythall House, 52 Silver Street, Wythall, B47 6LZ


Newcomers of any ability, age and gender are welcome to come and have a friendly game.

Should you decide to become a member, the annual subscription fee is as follows:

   30 for all adults
   10 for under 18s


For more information about Shirley &Wythall Chess Club visit