St George's

Club Night -   Monday                       Time - 7:15 PM   

Venue -   St George's Church, Bridge Street West, Newtown, B19 2YX

Secretary -    Ken Wise   Email:-

Club Details   

Originally 'The Lucas & Birmingham Settlement Chess Club' and 'The West Midlands Municipal Chess Club'.  The two clubs merged in 2003 to form the Birmingham Settlement Chess Club. The Birmingham Settlement building that was used for a club room closed and so they moved to St George's Church.  They have teams in the Birmingham and Wolverhampton Leagues.  The club caters for all standards from complete beginners to - well maybe not grand masters although they are as welcome as anyone else.

We meet throughout the year except for bank holidays and new members are welcome.  Full membership details are available from the secretary.  There are provisions for visitors to our city who require a place to play on a temporary basis.