Results Ecard

This is Version 12 of the match card. Please use this in future and delete any previous versions.

A match card template with 4 cards on a sheet is available here. These can be printed out as and when required.
Adjournments & Re-Arranged Matches  

The best way to use the Ecards is to create a folder on your desktop for your Ecards. Then open this page on the website and select a card by clicking on the name. When the card appears on the screen click on file then click on save as and where it says save in browse to the folder you created and save it in there.

When you use the card fill in all the details of the match (don't forget the match number). Then click on file and then click on send to and select mail recipient (as attachment). Fill in the records secretaries email address and out in the match number as the subject.

These instructions are based on MS products so they will differ for other systems. If you need help please contact the Webmaster