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1  General Category / General Board / Re: DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK
 on: 12.05.17 at 15:58:04 
Started by Malcolm Jones | Post by Malcolm Jones  
Sorry, there were a couple of typos in my last message...

go should read do
moved should read moves

2  General Category / General Board / Re: DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK
 on: 11.05.17 at 21:57:42 
Started by Malcolm Jones | Post by Malcolm Jones  
Thank you for your response. I thought that if you use Tournament mode you will not ned to stop the clock to add the extra time.  The clock should go that automatically.  The number of moved played is displayed for just half a second before showing the time left.  It is encouraging that you are able to read the display with your eye condition. I am very tempted to buy one but I would like to try one first.

3  General Category / General Board / Re: DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK
 on: 04.05.17 at 19:26:03 
Started by Malcolm Jones | Post by Richard Reynolds  
I have a ZMF II which helps as I have eye conditions which make the lack of contrast on normal digital clocks extremely hard work. They come in Red, Green or Orange I believe. The display is clear and there are 3 settable modes which are fairly easy to change. The one downside is that pre-programming the 2nd time control results in the number of moves played being displayed,. So I just stop the clock at 30 or 35 moves and add the time to each side. Does increments and everything.

4  General Category / General Board / Re: DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK
 on: 09.04.17 at 16:54:51 
Started by Malcolm Jones | Post by Malcolm Jones  
Has anyone come across the ZMF-II red LED digital chess clocks? are they any good?

5  General Category / General Board / DIGITAL CHESS CLOCK
 on: 07.02.17 at 20:36:45 
Started by Malcolm Jones | Post by Malcolm Jones  
Can anyone recommend a Digital Chess Clock that displays large fonts with high contrast?  I am visually impaired and I find that the standard digital chess clocks are difficult to read.

6  General Category / General Board / Happy New Year!
 on: 01.01.17 at 10:48:33 
Started by Marek Soszynski | Post by Marek Soszynski  
A happy 2017 to all chessplayers everywhere!

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7  General Category / General Board / Food
 on: 20.11.16 at 09:56:46 
Started by Dustin Bowcott | Post by Dustin Bowcott  
Would it be possible to ban the eating of food during a game? An opponent slurping away or even loudly eating pork scratchings (as in one annoying case) is detrimental to one's concentration.

If there are no rules against it, then the player can simply refuse to stop, and continue annoying the rest of the people playing.

8  General Category / General Board / Time controls for BDCL 2015-16
 on: 03.10.14 at 08:23:15 
Started by YaBB Administrator | Post by YaBB Administrator  
Please discuss the best way forward in terms of quickplay versus adjournments for the 2015-16 BDCL season. Please refrain from personal remarks or you will be removed from the forum.

9  General Category / General Board / Re: Birmingham Rapidplay
 on: 25.10.13 at 12:28:46 
Started by Richard Reynolds | Post by Derek G  
ref Rapidplay Oct 2013.
Since no-one reads this forum it seems appropriate to pop some comments here.
First I want to thank Derek G for his very reasonable and valid comments about being discouraged.
It's no surprise that a player with an ECF rapidplay grade of 175 in the under 140 section came top in that section.
What did come as a surprise (and a nasty one at that - having left home without any breakfast since I was expecting to be able to get something at the venue like all the other times I've attended this event) was NO BLOODY SAUSAGE SANDWICHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  like there used to be, nor any other hot sandwiches,
.............................in fact NO SODDIN' SANDWICHES AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

What sort of smeggin' organisation arranges for 100 people to get together for a whole day, a Sunday at that, when most of the shops are shut and certainly all the cafes are shut (except for that well known gourmets delight - a McDonalds), without organising someone to cook some basic hot food or at the very least getting some ready made sandwiches in or at the abso-bleedin-lutely very least telling the poor sods in advance so they can bring something to eat in with them. It beggers belief.
Hangin's too good for 'em. They'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes!!
And another thing and while I'm on the subject.......etc.etc.
Not that I'm complaining - it's only little me !

10  General Category / General Board / Re: Birmingham Rapidplay
 on: 30.09.13 at 12:17:45 
Started by Richard Reynolds | Post by Derek G  
is it just me that is discouraged from entering the BDCL rapidplay intermediate this year (Oct 13 2013) when I see a player with a July 2013 ECF rapidplay grade of 175 entered into this section ?