1. The League shall be called “The Birmingham and District Chess League”.


2. The objects of the League shall be to run team and individual chess championships amongst its members and any other chess contests (including matches against other leagues and organisations) which the Management Committee may consider likely to be of benefit or interest to members of the League, to publish handbooks and news bulletins recording the League’s activities, to run social functions for the participation of the League’s members and their friends, and generally to encourage the study and playing of chess and the organisation of chess clubs within the area covered by its activities.  The League shall be affiliated to the English Chess Federation.

Membership Classes

3. Membership of the League shall be open to: -

          (a) Affiliated Clubs: Any chess club whose club-room is within 12 miles of Stephenson Place, Birmingham.  Clubs in membership on 1st November, 1977 and whose club-rooms are more than 12 miles radius from Stephenson Place shall have the right to retain membership, provided that if they move club-rooms, the venue shall lie no further from Stephenson Place than the venue of 1st November, 1977, excepting if the Management Committee should deem the proposed new venue more convenient.

          (b) Individual Members: Any individual who shall be currently registered by an affiliated club as a playing member or shall be serving as an elected President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or other officer of the League as hereinafter provided.

Entrance Fees and Subscriptions

4. An application by any club for membership of the League, made in writing to the Honorary General Secretary of the League, shall be accompanied by an entrance fee of £2, and shall be considered as soon as possible after its receipt by the Management Committee which shall have the absolute discretion to grant or refuse it.

5. The Annual General Meeting shall, in each year, settle the team and individual subscriptions and registration fees to be paid in the ensuing season.  All such subscriptions and fees shall be paid to the Honorary Treasurer of the League on or before October 31st in each year.


6. The Annual General Meeting shall authorise the Game Fee to be paid to the English Chess Federation, which shall be included in the amounts charged to Clubs under Clause 5 above.


7. Each affiliated club shall be entitled to receive one free copy of the League’s current Handbook for each player registered by it.  Each officer of the League shall also be entitled to a free copy thereof.

Payment of Fees

8.       (a) Any affiliated club whose subscription, fees, or other dues contained in this Constitution or the Competition Rules are not received by their due date shall be fined 10 per cent of the monies outstanding, such amount to be added to the monies outstanding and become part thereof.

          (b) If payment of the arrears is not received by the Honorary Treasurer within 7 days, each of the club’s teams shall incur a deduction of 2 points in the All-Play-All Championship.

          (c) If payment is still not received within a further 7 days the club and its members shall be suspended from the relevant competitions until such time as the arrears are paid.  Any matches due to be played by the club’s teams or individual members during the period of suspension shall be scored as lost by the suspended club or individual.  No postponements of matches due to be played by the club’s teams during the period of suspension shall be permitted, but games due to be played in the League Individual Tournament may be postponed provided the Tournament Rules are not thereby breached.

          (d) Any club whose dues continue to remain outstanding shall be liable to expulsion from the League by the Management Committee.


9.       (i) The Officers of the League shall be: -

          (a) a President;

          (b) Vice-Presidents as provided under (ii);

          (c) an Honorary Treasurer;

          (d) an Honorary General Secretary;

          (e) an Honorary Records Secretary;

          (f) a Grading Officer; and

(g) such additional Honorary Treasurers or Honorary Secretaries

     as it may deem requisite;

who shall, with the exception of (b), be elected at the Annual General Meeting with all retiring officers being eligible for re-election.

          (ii) Vice-Presidents shall consist of those having held the office of President, on retiring from such office, plus any other person the League wishes to honour.  They shall nominally be elected for life with the proviso that anyone deemed to have brought discredit to the League may be removed on a resolution passed at a General Meeting by a two-thirds majority, provided that the same notice has been given of such resolution as is required by clause 22 for an amendment to the constitution.

10. The Management Committee shall have power to appoint additional Vice-Presidents (if authorised so to do by the Annual General Meeting), to appoint assistants to the Honorary Secretaries or Honorary Treasurer in such cases as it may deem desirable, and to fill any vacancy arising by reason of death or resignation of any officer until the holding of the next Annual General Meeting.

11. Nominations for the various offices of the League may be submitted in writing by any individual member or affiliated club and shall be received by the Honorary General Secretary not later than March 31st preceding the Annual General Meeting at which they are to be proposed.  A nomination shall be invalid unless accompanied by a statement signed by the nominee that he is willing to be so nominated.  If no nomination has been received for any office by March 31st as aforesaid the Annual General Meeting may proceed to elect a willing nominee, failing which the Management Committee shall have power to appoint a person to fill the vacancy as though it had arisen under Clause 10 above.

Honorary Reporting Accountants

12. At each Annual General Meeting of the League two Honorary Reporting Accountants shall be appointed for the purpose of examining the League’s books and accounts prior to their presentation at the next Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting called in the intervening period at which consideration of the accounts is part of the agenda.


13. Three trustees shall be appointed by the League.  The powers and duties of such Trustees shall be defined in a trust deed the terms of which shall be settled by the League in a general meeting.  The power to appoint new Trustees shall be exercised by any general meeting of the League as vacancies arise.

Management Committee

14. All business of the League (other than such business as this Constitution requires to be transacted at a general meeting) shall be conducted by a Management Committee consisting of: -

(a)      the Officers (other than Vice-Presidents) appointed by virtue of Clause 9 hereof;

          (b)      the immediate past President of the League;

          (c)      one representative of each club which shall be a member, for the time being, of the League;

          (d)      Representatives of the League on outside bodies;

          (e)      Chairmen of the subcommittees of the Management                                                Committee together with the Bulletin Editor and the


          (f)      any persons co-opted by the Management Committee in

                   accordance with clause 16.

Only persons who are members of the Management Committee by virtue of sub-clauses (a), (b) and (c) above shall be entitled to vote at its meetings.

15. The Management Committee shall be responsible for all competitions run by the League and shall be empowered to make rules for the regulation of such events.  Any proposal to adopt, amend or rescind any such rule may only be made by an affiliated Club, Officer or Sub-Committee of the League, and shall be sent in writing to the Honorary General Secretary by the proposer so as to reach him at least two months before the meeting at which it is to be submitted, and notice of such proposal shall be sent to all other members of the Management Committee by the Honorary General Secretary at least six weeks before the said meeting is due to take place.  Any amendment to such proposal may only be made by an affiliated Club, Officer or Sub-Committee of the League and shall be sent to reach the Honorary General Secretary at least one month before the said meeting and shall as soon as possible thereafter be sent by him to the members of the Management Committee.  Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause 16 hereof, no sub-committee of the Management Committee shall have any power to effect any adoption, amendment or rescission of any competition rule, but may be requested to advise the Management Committee as to the effect of any such proposal and may itself initiate any such proposal for consideration by the Management Committee.

16. The Management Committee shall meet as frequently as it deems necessary, and at least 21 days’ notice of each meeting (together with an agenda) shall be given by the Honorary General Secretary to all members.  It shall also have power to appoint such sub-committees as it may deem convenient for the handling of any sections of its business (save only as provided in this constitution); to co-opt to itself or to any of its sub-committees such additional persons as it may think fit; and to adopt standing orders for the regulation of its business or that of its sub-committees.  [Standing Orders can be obtained from the Hon Gen Sec]

General Meetings

17. The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held in the month of June, or at such other time as the Management Committee shall deem to be convenient, in each year for the purpose of receiving reports from the various officers of the League and the audited accounts of the Honorary Treasurer, electing the Officers for the ensuing year, effecting changes in this Constitution as hereinafter provided, and generally transacting such other business as the Management Committee shall deem proper to be transacted at an Annual General Meeting.  The Honorary General Secretary shall give notice to each of the League’s Officers and affiliated clubs at least 21 days before the date of the said meeting and shall include therein the agenda for such meeting.

18. A Special General Meeting of the League may be convened at any time by the Management Committee or upon a requisition signed by the secretaries of at least one third of the clubs which shall be affiliated members of the League at that time.  Such requisition shall state the business required to be transacted at the meeting and, within 21 days after receiving the same and not less than 14 days before the date of the meeting, the Honorary General Secretary shall notify each of the League’s Officers and affiliated clubs as to the place and date appointed by the Management Committee for such Special Meeting and shall state the purpose for which the meeting has been summoned.


19. All individual members of the League shall be entitled to attend and speak at any Annual or Special General Meeting.  For both Management Committee and General Meetings the following procedure shall apply in respect of all proposals and elections of officers, etc.

          (a)      Voting shall be by show of hands unless rule (b) is applied.

          (b)      After a vote by show of hands any person entitled to vote may call for a full vote as set out under (e) below.

          (c)      No proxy votes shall be allowed.

          (d)      In the event of a full vote being tied the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

          (e)      A full vote at a Management Committee or a General Meeting shall consist of the following: -

         (i) Each officer of the League (other than Vice-Presidents) shall have one vote, irrespective of the number of additional offices any such individual may hold.

       (ii) Each member club shall have one vote for each of its teams taking part, for the time being, in the League competition and no other votes shall be allowed to be cast in respect thereof.


20. At all general meetings of the League 16 persons present and entitled to vote thereat shall form a quorum.  The Management Committee shall fix the size of a quorum for any sub-committee which it may appoint, and at all meetings of the Management Committee itself 8 voting members present shall form a quorum.


21. Any notice given to the secretary of an affiliated club shall be deemed to be a notice given to all registered playing members of such club and shall be sufficient if posted by ordinary pre-paid letter to the last known address of such secretary. With the consent of the recipient, e-mail notification shall also be considered sufficient.

Amendment of Constitution

22. No alteration or addition to this Constitution shall be made except at an Annual or Special General Meeting of the League and upon a resolution adopted by the votes of at least two-thirds of the persons present and entitled to vote.  A motion for any such amendment or addition to be proposed at an Annual General Meeting shall reach the Honorary General Secretary by March 31st preceding the meeting at which it is to be proposed and may be initiated by the Management Committee or any of its sub-committees, or any Officer or affiliated club.  The Honorary General Secretary shall thereafter notify the Officers and affiliated clubs, not later than the following April 15th, of the text of all such motions.  A motion for such an amendment or addition to be proposed at a Special General Meeting shall be included in the requisition (if any) and agenda for the meeting.





23. Where a masculine pronoun appears in this Constitution it is to be taken to include the equivalent feminine pronoun.